Website tests

Your prospective target audience’s opinion on your web site – at best reviewed both before the launch as well as repeatedly after your site has gone online – is imperative to the success of your internet appearance. Here at we have created a research tool that directly implements the evaluation process by respondents into the researched website in real-time, making the persistent changing from website to questionnaire superfluous. This allows a valid and close-to-reality assessment of strengths and weaknesses, search patterns, and possible complications or difficulties.


Typical questions deal with:

  • Over-all evaluation of the web presence
  • Look & feel
  • Does the website live up to the expectations of the viewers?
  • Are key information like contact details easy and quick to find on the website?
  • Possible refinements


Potential target groups:

  • Regular visitors
  • First-time visitors
  • Short-time visitors
  • Long-time visitors