Spot On


With „Spot On“ we have won national and international awards for innovative market research.

„Spot On“ is a research tool, developed in collaboration with media agency OMD, that identifies who actually had contact with an online campaign and how the target group really looks like.

In fact „Spot-On“ enables you to efficiently measure the realistic advertising impact of online ads. While well-established server-protocol-based systems can only capture indicators as the number of delivered ads and furthermore ignore socio-demographics nearly completely (in most cases socio-demographics are only available based on extrapolations), „Spot-On“ allows you to accurately capture the socio-demographics of those people who actually saw the campaign online.

Target group

The measurement is based on a owned market research panel, which participants tagged (cookie setting) with their prior consent.

Summing it up: : „Spot On“ opens up a whole new way of measuring recall and awareness. This way each delivered ad impression is given a face – with “Spot On” it is clearly determinable which target group has been reached.

More about “Spot On” >>> Download <<< (only available in German).