FACS – Facial Coding

We do live in an economy driven by emotions: Emotions do have a major impact on the economic decisions we make. Emotional involved consumers are what companies are looking for, due to the fact that it’s more probable that those consumers can recall the product, talk about it, and last but not least buy it. So far the market research was only relying on cognitive questioning, but with information about emotions you can determine more precisely, by what people are driven when it comes to brands, products, commercial ecc. and products, sport, commercials, trailer .. can be modulated on that basis.


How it’s working:


With this new tool of our technology partner Affectiva (Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Boston) we do offer a software, which tracks the mimic of the respondents while they get to watch a TV-spot via online questionnaire. To the split second we can record, when the respondent is amused, confused or annoyed.
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  • Implicit emotion measuring: measuring based on non-cognitive methods
  • end2end solution: minimal effort from your end – our project executives will take of everything
  • Fast: most projects have a turnaround within 10 days
  • Cost-efficiency: scalable and cost-efficient neuro marketing method + quantitative survey
  • Global solutions: methods can be used worldwide

Your benefit:

Pre-Test – Before the campaign:


  • Impact maximization: does the campaign work? Test your campaign before launch and maximize the ROI.
  • Choose the best design: which design fits best? Collect insights, which allow you more rational decisions and demonstrate various effects/consequences of different designs (e.g. in TV-spots) to viewers. Choose the strongest design/video and/or change the contents to increase the impact.
  • Convince others: Collect objective data to convince with facts and to prevent subjective discussions (when it comes to choosing a design,…).


Media Planning – during the campaign:


  • Show the campaign to the one target group which displays the strongest emotional reactions.
  • Place strongly/well emotionalizing spots/trailers of a campaign in social networks, respectively exactly where people share it.
  • Retract less emotionalizing spots/trailers of a campaign and push the stronger ones harder.


Post-Test – After the campaign:


  • Watch closely which impact the campaign does have on the target audience.
  • Understand what quickens the performance and what slows it down.
  • Compare the performance with competitors and the extensive benchmark database (more than 15.000 tested spots out of 80 branches – more than 2,6 million tested faces).


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