Public institutions, politics and local economy do need market and opinion data of the migrant population as their share of the total population is already about 19%. EthnOpinion offers studies and online surveys, focus groups and professional communication-advice within this target group. (founded in 2010) is Austria’s first market and opinion research institution specialized on migrant studies and professional communication with the target group of the “new Austrians”. We offer long lasting experiences in the communication-, media- and market research sector.


This special institute was founded by the online market research institute, the cross-cultural newspaper „biber“ and by The Skills Group, one of the leading Austrian PR- and communication agencies.


EthnOpinion helps to factual the public discussion about migration and integration in Austria and to realize an insight in the environment of the “new Austrians” for economy and politics.


We answer questions like:


  • Which things do migrants buy?
  • Which product configurations are interesting?
  • Who do migrants vote for? And why?
  • Which problems bothers migrants?
  • How do the needs of migrants differ from those of the majority population?
  • With which media channels can migrants be reached?