Mobile Research

Nowadays every customer tends to constantly have his mobile phone on him; actually 69% of them own a smartphone which they use on a regular basis.


Mobile surveys are perfect for instantaneous questioning of consumers. The great accessibility and the high readiness of the mobile target group to take part are the 2 major advantages that should be mentioned therefor.


In the course of our mobile study has proven, that, as far as the results are concerned, there are no differences between a conventional online and a mobile target group. Certainly it is important to generate the questionnaires in a format that fits the device in use: The used device to fill out the questionnaires (be it a mobile phone/tablet or a PC) is instantly recognized by our survey software. Naturally the participants are able to start the survey on your mobile device and finish it at a PC or vice versa. Both technologies are working seamlessly together, and the combination of both should be recommended at this point.


For further details and the results of the mobile study, please click here. (Presentation is only available in german language.)