Focus groups

Group discussions are the first choice when it comes to collecting qualitative, multi-layered data on a given topic. By building on and utilising the inherent dynamics of groups, the method constitutes a powerful tool for unravelling subtle nuances and possibly hidden aspects of motivations, opinions, or associations.

Common topics incldue:

  • Development of new products and services
  • Development of price models
  • Evaluation of advertisement campaigns
  • Attitude towards brands, companies, products, persons, (political) parties



Focus groups can be conducted online or offline. In both cases we recruit participants from our online panel. Each discussion will include 8 persons, chosen to represent the “target group” in as many aspects as possible. The duration of one session may vary between one and two hours, depending on the topic covered and other requirements.


Our clients will receive results in form of summaries and a full transcription of the discussions’ verbatim content.


The classic offline focus groups will take place either in our premises in Vienna or at an external location with the appropriate facilities. The discussions will be live-streamed to an adjourning room in order to deliver clients a first-hand impression of the content and the prevalent atmosphere.


Online focus groups can be carried out in a synchronous fashion in chat rooms or asynchronous in forums. This modern approach offers our clients a “live coverage” to gain an immediate idea of the ongoing discussion‘s nature.