Employee Satisfaction Study

Research on opinion and satisfaction of employees should be part of every modern staff policy. They can not only point out strengths and weaknesses in your company, but they clearly increase motivation, commitment, communication, and productivity. Not at least is the ongoing evaluation of the psychological stress associated with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act recommended.



The common means for conducting employee surveys are online tools, where staff members without access to internet work stations can participate via paper-and-pencil procedures. At meinungsraum.at we are also fully aware of the ever-pressing issue of anonymity, especially in this line of research, and we pay great attention to keeping strict confidentiality.


Typical questions pertain to:

  • Over-all satisfaction among your employees
  • Finding motivational factors
  • Pinpointing potentials for innovation
  • Establishing central themes in your enterprise
  • Communication with your employees
  • Increasing attractiveness of your company



  • Chance/risk analyses
  • Seeking out and evaluating potentials for improvement
  • 360 degree feedback


Evaluation of mental stress according to the requirements of the Austrian Occupational Health and Safety Act

To evaluate the psychological stresses are employee surveys recommended. Our methods allow anonymous and law compliant surveys of all employees, including also those who do not have Internet access at work.


The test methods we are use are based on the requirements of the Inspectorate and ÖNORM 10075 We show the following four dimensions:


  • Task requirements and activities
  • Social and organizational climate
  • Working environment
  • Work processes and work organization


We are conducting this type of survey through for all sizes of companies , where we offer special package prices for SMEs.