Advertisement tests

Be it billboards, print ads, online ads, or TV spots – testing advertisements is one of the central pillars in our product portfolio. Therefore we are continually developing new tools and capabilities that allow us to provide you with relevant and practical insights and valuable findings.


Common questions include:

  • Does your campaign carry the intended message?
  • Does your campaign harmonise with your product/brand?
  • Does the target audience receive the campaign’s message?
  • Does the target audience understand the campaign’s message?
  • Are refinements necessary?


The right times for online market research:

  • Pretest: before the launch
  • Posttest: after the campaign
  • Ongoing evaluation throughout the campaign



In addition to the classic testing of advertisements we can offer you another powerful tool to reveal what feature of your sujet has what effect: SujetInsight. This technique depicts data in form of a so-called heat map, allowing you to decipher already at first glance how your advertisement resonates with your target audience.


    • Surveytool:



    • Analysistool:




The Spotlightviewer is an implied eye movement measures instrument, for this reason it focuses on the attention getting values of the individual components of a design and not on their level of attractiveness. The Spotlightviewer particularly identifies the following elements:


  • Which components are noticed/stay unnoticed
  • The attendees eye flow and
  • The key visual, the component that gets the first glance


This data provides us with information for example on if the attendees perceived the core message of your design, if your logo is seized or if an eventually communicated “call-to-action” is well-positioned.


    • The analysis is conducted by heatmaps:



SpotInsight is a new digital research tool developed by that enables you to analyse your TV spots virtually down to the last pixel

SpotInsight can give you crucial information on

  • how consumers feel with the commercial
  • why consumers approve or disapprove of a particular advertisement;
  • whether your message comes across, and if not…
  • where the chain of understanding has broken down;
  • which points may obstruct and which details do advance your advertisement.


After viewing the TV spot a first time the respondents re-view the commercial once more and now mark those parts that had a favourable or unfavourable impact on them. Afterwards, each and every marked part is evaluated and participants can express their opinion in their own words. The results then provide an evaluation curve for the corresponding parts of the spot based on the assigned positive or negative comments.For the first time SpotInsight supplies clients with the capability for large-scale qualitative testing of Austria-wide TV spots at a competitive quality-price ratio.



AdPoint presents an expansion of ordinary advertisement tests with semiotic analyses and thus facilitates an even better grasp of the ways your sujets impact on the target audience. For a more detailed description please visit or take a look at our product folder Produktfolder (including a case study).


webopinions offers social media analysis and monitoring. Our approach aims to maximum Insight and delivers the most relevant information to you.


We keep you up-to-date at any time about:


  • Chances and risks regarding customer satisfaciton, support, brand- and reputation-management, product-design and marketing plus serveral other business-processes, driven and/or influenced by Social Media.
  • The tonality of the relevant disussions. You come to know how people talk about your products, company and labels and how this compares to your competitors.
  • Social media analysis and monitoring is a key-factor for successfull corporate communications: Knowing what and how people talk about you and your company gives you the possibility do capitalize this knowledge.Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter