Online market research

The appeal of online market research comes from

  • the outstanding interview quality: respondents can choose when and how to participate;
  • the honest and sound results due to a lack of interviewer effects;
  • the use of superior multi-media content;
  • the competitive price structure;
  • the easy and efficient access to target groups;
  • the continued monitoring and quality control of provisional results;
  • the capacity to carry out ad-hoc research projects (a field time of 24 hoursor less is feasible)
  • the potential for conducting research 24/7;
  • the high internet penetration rate among Austrian households.


Basic facts about online market research

  • Internet penetration in Austrian households is currently at 76%, and rising (IKT-Jahresbericht der Statistik Austria 2011).
  • Internet usage among the general population between 14 and 59 years of age is as high as 92% (AIM 4|2011).
  • Internet usage among people of 40 years and younger approaches full penetration with 96% at present,
    while the age group of 40 to 60 years stands at 86% (AIM 4|2011).
  • Online market research is constantly gaining ground compared to telephone or face-to-face interviews.