Aktive Personalpolitik beinhaltet Mitarbeiterbefragungen. Diese zeigen Stärken und Schwächen im Unternehmen auf und steigern Motivation, Kommunikation und Produktivität im Unternehmen.
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Providing you with a study of high quality depends on a panel that has to be both up-to-date and eminent in status as well as structure. At we fully understand the importance of our panel participants and place great value on a sustained and professional system of support and supervision.

Focus groups

Group discussions are the first choice when it comes to collecting qualitative, multi-layered data on a given topic. By building on and utilising the inherent dynamics of groups, the method constitutes a powerful tool for unravelling subtle nuances and possibly hidden aspects of motivations, opinions, or associations.

Advertisement tests

Be it billboards, print ads, online ads, or TV spots – testing advertisements is one of the central pillars in our product portfolio. Therefore we are continually developing new tools and capabilities that allow us to provide you with relevant and practical insights and valuable findings.


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